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  • VAIV Care System participated in FIBO 2012
    동아전람- 제4회 서울 스포츠·레저산업 박람회 참가안내
    제4회 서울 스포츠·레저산업 박람회 참가안내

    ■명 칭 : 제4회 서울 스포츠·레저산업 박람회

    ■전시기간 : 8월 30일(토) ~ 9월 2일(화) 

    ■장 소 : KINTEX(일산 킨텍스) ※지하철 3호선 대화역

    ■관람시간 : 오전10시~오후6시(토요일,일요일도 동일)

    ■주 최 : MBC

    ■주 관 : (주)동아전람

       헬스/피트니스, 아웃도어용품, 등산 및 캠핑용품, 자전거, 
       수중스포츠·레저관련 제품, 구기 스포츠 용품,  
       레저스포츠 용품, 스포츠의료기기·용품, 운동장 및 생활체육시설,
       골프장비·용품, 골프기자재 및 스크린골프, 기타스포츠 및 레저관련용품

    ■동시개최 : 제36회 MBC건축박람회

    ■참가문의 : (주)동아전람 TEL: (02)780-0366

    ■ 사전등록안내 : 동아전람 홈페이지에 사전등록을 하시는 분께는 
                      무료관람 초청장을 발송해 드립니다.
    ■한글인터넷주소 : 동아전람, 동아전람.kr


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I am very pleased to welcome to Taeyeon Medical,
one of best spinal manufactures in Republic of Korea

Taeyeon Medical has been dedicated to innovating healthcare industry as improving capacity develop various products.
Taeyeon Medical has replaced foreign goods to home ones, as Taeyeon Medical has directed toward all our efforts developing good solutions for medical meeds through cooperating with many research centers under Korean govemment.
Taeyeon Medical has already received dozens of patents as well as some certificates: ISO 9001,ISO 13485 , CE mark and 510K of FDA Taeyeon Medical has tried to export a lot of products with passion to do marketing and vision for future over the world.
Many medical companies are on business competition in according to improving medical technology and growing up the size of medical market potential in international trade in the world.
Taeyeon Medical aims both.

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