О компании

I am very pleased to welcome to Taeyeon Medical,
one of best spinal manufactures in Republic of Korea
Taeyeon Medical has been dedicated to innovating healthcare industry as improving capacity develop various products.
Taeyeon Medical has replaced foreign goods to home ones, as Taeyeon Medical has directed toward all our efforts developing good solutions for medical meeds through cooperating with many research centers under Korean govemment.
Taeyeon Medical has already received dozens of patents as well as some certificates: ISO 9001,ISO 13485 , CE mark and 510K of FDA Taeyeon Medical has tried to export a lot of products with passion to do marketing and vision for future over the world.
Many medical companies are on business competition in according to improving medical technology and growing up the size of medical market potential in international trade in the world.
Taeyeon Medical aims both.
It is the attitude of TYM
TYM advances in step for best every where
Foreign companies sawtheir products secure a greater share of the market in Korea , when Taeyeon Medical was built. Since then, we have fully realized the importance of providing people with quality products under Conditions that would permit us to win a commanding share in market.

Taeyeon Medical has extended it’s business with technological innovation since we succeeded in
developing Pedicle Screw made of Titanum. Now we can produce various medical products such as Spinal system, External fixator system, Inernal fixator system, Trauma system and Surgical instruments. Taeyeon Medical has focused it’s all capabilit on how to improve it’s techniques as well as the design of our products for international market.

As a natural consequence it follows that Teayeon Medical could get dozens of patents as well as some
certificates, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE mark and 510K of FDA. Also, Taeyeon Medical has contracted many distributors and hospitals in domestic as well as some international companies.

Some plans to elevate production standards are going in progress with professionals for the next step. Taeyeon Medical is organizing research facilities and employing professionals more as well as
preparing advanced research system for new product development in nearby future.

Taeyeon Medical will become one of the leading companies in
several healthcare related fields with contributing to
Biotechnoloav Hub of Korea.
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